Every project is meticulously managed by our project managers to ensure that budget and timelines are met.  We utilize a construction software that gives us the ability to seamlessly communicate within our team, subcontractors, vendors, and clients via the internet and smart phones.   Our office can communicate with employees on job sites in the field with daily task lists.  The office is also able to provide immediate support when needed.  We are also able to monitor cost overruns and better manage project budgets.  Our investors and clients have the ability to see how the work is progressing on their specific projects by being able to view project timeline.


Our entire team has spent a considerable amount of time mapping out every step to all of our processes from start to finish of a project which has enabled us to develop consistent procedures for every task.  It also ensures that we are able to consistently and efficiently provide impeccable quality on each project.


Our company has managed projects as simple as office suite renovations to the most intricate commercial builds from the ground up.

Whether you are working off of a blueprint from an architect or a cocktail napkin sketch, we are prepared to provide an innovative solution to fit your needs.  Our project managers, field crew and trade partners are second to none and will work as a team to successfully complete your project in the most cost effective way.


For over 10 years, we have built outstanding relationships with trade partners and material vendors who have been personally reviewed and vetted by our firm. We hold our trade partners and vendors to the highest of standards accepting nothing less than the topmost quality.



For several years, Clement Companies has specialized in the acquisition, rehabbing and sale of residential properties.  Properties purchased are often distressed or outdated as we look for the worst property in the neighborhood to transform it into the preeminent property in the neighborhood.


We buy undervalued properties and turn those properties in to showcase homes.  We partner with investors to allow us to work on multiple projects at one time.  We have the technology available so our investors can monitor the schedule, budget and progress throughout the entire project.


Our average home stays on the market less than 30 days.  We have taken the time to process map each phase of our business.  We know the timeline and how long each phase should take.  Our entire team knows who is responsible for which task.  This allows us to deliver the highest return possible to our investors.


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